Where to learn Spanish?

Where to learn Spanish?

Settling down in Costa Blanca should not make you feel worried about your poor command of Spanish. Costa Blanca is one of the most international coastal regions in Spain, and at first you will perfectly manage with English or French. However, it’s desirable to learn Spanish, because a good command of this language will make you feel secure in local official institutions and you will even be able to help your children with the homework. Numerous language academies located in Costa Blanca will gladly involve you into the learning process, even if your basic Spanish vocabulary is limited to “Hola” and “‘¿Qué tal?”. 

Official Schools of Languages

Every more or less big town has its own branch of an Official School of Languages (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, EOI) financed directly by the Spanish government. As compared to private language academies, the price of a course in the Official School of Languages is very low and normally does not exceed €200 per year. In order to pass the year, you will have to take a final examination. Like in any other public educational institution, the students of the Official School of Languages are required to attend classes and cannot miss more than 60% of the lessons a year. The academic year starts in October and ends at the end of June. The application process is held beforehand (in some schools it starts in March).

EOI Benidorm: http://intercentres.edu.gva.es/intercentres/03016161/

EOI Alicante: http://eoialicante.edu.gva.es/joomla/index.php

EOI Torrevieja: http://intercentres.edu.gva.es/intercentres/03015579/

Private language academies

In contrast to the Official Schools of Languages, the number of private language academies is much higher. As a rule, private academies offer a more individual approach and, what is especially important for families with little children, a flexible timetable. Taking into consideration the international nature of Costa Blanca, it’s of no surprise that in many academies the classes of Spanish are given in English or other languages. Below we give you some links for private language academies in Costa Blanca:

Benidorm: Academia 'Orsini' (http://www.academia-orsini.com/es/)

Alicante: Central Park Idiomas (http://www.cpidiomas.com), Academia ‘Berlingua’ (http://academiaberlingua.com), Proyecto Español (http://www.proyecto-es.com/en/study-spanish-alicante), Don Quijote (http://www.donquijote.org/es/)  

Calpe: Conversa Idiomas (http://www.conversaidiomas.com)

Albir: Albir Idiomas (http://www.albiridiomas.com/homespanol.html)

Torrevieja: Instituto Königin Torrevieja (http://www.konigin.es/index.html), Centro de Estudios ‘Valero’ (http://valerocentrodeestudios.com/index.html)

Denia: Academia ‘Estudio Saladar’ (http://www.estudiosaladar.com), TLC Denia Languages (http://tlcdenia.es)  

Benissa: http://www.euroschoolbenissa.es

Municipal courses

Many city administrations organise courses of Spanish for foreign residents. Normally these courses are of short duration and very economic (sometimes free). You can get more information about municipal language courses in the city hall.