Nature & Climate

Occupying the most of the Iberian Peninsula, Spain constitutes a connecting link between Europe and Africa. Spain is a country generously endowed by nature, a country full of life, colours and bright contrasts.

Spain has the richest avifauna in Europe comprising over 400 bird species, boasts vast green meadows and valleys in the North, fascinates with magnificent coastal landscapes and beautiful sand beaches in Costa Blanca and amazes with evergreen forests in the West! In the very south of Spain you can see palmettos – the only wild-growing palm trees in Spain, and the area close to Gibraltar is inhabited by monkeys – the only wild apes in Europe. In order to conserve the nature and keep the environment clean, the Spanish government has created numerous nature reserves which nowadays are very popular both with national and foreign tourists.

The beauty of Spain makes deep impression even on the experienced travellers. One cannot stay indifferent to pure lakes, peculiar coastal cliffs and wonderful canyons. And the lovers of winter sports highly appreciate Spanish mountains and skiing resorts which in many cases are ranked better even than the famous Swiss ones. 

Spain has different climatic zones. In the North and North-western Spain there prevails a mild oceanic climate characterised by frequent rains and moderate temperatures. The coastal Mediterranean region has typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, humid winters. The Costa Blanca climate is considered one of the best climates in the whole European Mediterranean! The inland areas of the Iberian Peninsula have a continental climate with cold winters and dry and warm summers.

Spain is an authentic heaven on earth for those who love bright sunny days on the beach. Few people know that Spain is the sunniest country in Europe, with an average of over 300 days of sunshine a year! This is the place where to bask in the Mediterranean sun all year long!                                


 Being one of the most important touristic spots of Spain, Costa Blanca will gladden you with its beautiful landscapes, the purest air, modern amenities and everything that might be necessary for a comfortable life! Costa Blanca in Spanish means “White Coast” and is the place a lot of people have always dreamt of: palms, fine sand, cloudless sky, bright sun and the placid sound of waves… Costa Blanca will satisfy the wishes of every traveller as it’s full both of busy establishments with 24-hour-long fun and of tranquil natural places where it seems that a man has never stepped.

Is there any place in the world better than Spain?