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Why now is “a good time” to buy in Spain

Why now is “a good time” to buy in Spain
18 April, 2017
Why now is “a good time” to buy in Spain

71% of Spaniards think that now is “a good time” to buy property, according to the results of the survey carried out by Sabadell bank and the research institute Kantar TNS, El Mundo says.

In the course of the study the specialists have prepared a “confidence index” taking into consideration two main parameters: people’s perception of the current situation on the real estate market and their expectations regarding buying a home. The situation in terms of real estate confidence amongst Spaniards has turned out to be “positive” as the index ranging from 0 to 200 currently stands at 112. 

The respondents’ main arguments are: “the decrease in prices; the notion that buying is a good investment; and the fact that the market is currently offering some genuine opportunities”. 

At the same time more than a half of those surveyed (61%) have revealed that their current personal situation is “not very good” for buying a property right now, adding that they expect to do this in a couple of years when their working conditions improve.