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Getaways to Madrid are much easier now

Getaways to Madrid are much easier now
16 October, 2016
Getaways to Madrid are much easier now

Starting from this summer, Benidorm finally has its regular bus link with Alicante’s mainline railway station. From now on, tourists can make comfortable and quick getaways from Benidorm to Madrid using the high-speed train line AVE combined with the expected shuttle service. The whole journey (bus + train) takes approximately 4 hours.

The Alsa buses depart from the bus station of Benidorm and arrive directly to the railway station of Alicante, where the passengers have from 10 to 30 minutes before boarding to their high-speed AVE train that brings them to the very centre of Madrid (Atocha train station). Another three AVE bus tops within Benidorm are on Avenida de Europa (at Clínica Europa) and on Jaime I (at numbers 25 and 48). The bus ticket comes directly with the AVE ticket bought on the official web www.renfe.com. The round-trip ticket costs around €115. 


Benidorm - MadridDepartureArrival
    Mon - Fri    05:00 08:45
06:30 11:10
07:15 12:13
08:30 13:20
11:00 15:10
15:00 18:38
16:45 20:25
 Sat and holidays 16:45 20:25
  Sun  15:00 18:38
16:45  20:25
18:00  21:16