Altea beaches


Cala de la Barra

Cala de la Barra is a small and very welcoming gravel and stone beach, located at the bottom of a cliff between Altea and Calpe. It opens the sequence of the beaches in Altea bay from the North and is quite difficult to access.


El Mascarat beach

El Mascarat is a cosy stone beach hidden among the cliffs to the north of the seaport ‘Luis Campomanes’. It’s famous for its crystal clear water which lets see all the details of the seafloor. The beach is officially nudist, but despite that is also very popular among bathers with swimsuits.


La Barreta

La Barreta is a small semi-wild stone beach with crystal clear water, located outside the town limits, next to a fishing village. Thanks to its location, the water here stays always clear, even during storms. It’s is the only beach in Europe which coincides with the meridian 000 º 00 '00'' Greenwich.


La Solsida

La Solsida is a nudist, semi-wild, stone beach located in a private place at the bottom of a cliff, at the back of the seaport. It’s characterized by calm and clear waters.


La Olla beach

La Olla is a comfortable and welcoming gravel beach situated in front of tiny isles L´Illeta and L´Illot. Every august here takes place one of the most important pyrotechnic shows in Costa Blanca ‘Castel de l’Olla’ during which the fireworks are set off from floating platforms and accompanied by a live orchestra. The beach provides views of the famous Ifach rock of Calpe. Equipped with a parking lot.


Cap Negret

Cap Negret is a quiet, large gravel beach with crystal clear waters spread over almost 2 km. The name ‘Cap Negret’ in Valencian means “a black head” and was given to the beach due to a cape formed by black volcanic rocks in shape resembling a head. During summertime chaise lounge chairs and pedal boats rental spots are open.


La Roda beach

La Roda is an urban gravel beach which has the closest location to the city historic centre. The beach is awarded with the Blue flag – the international excellence award for beaches.  Along the beach there’re a lot of cafes, bars and shops. The beach is adapted for disabled people and has paid parking.


Cap Blanc beach

The beach Cap Blanc has a lot of restaurants and is equipped with parking. Located between the nautical club of Altea and the beach of Albir, also known as Raco del Albir. The beach is gravel with crystal clear waters and has the extension of over 1 km. Awarded with the Blue flag