Benidorm is the biggest tourist resort on the Costa Blanca and the city with the highest density of skyscrapers per square metre after New York! Benidorm is a popular beach destination not only in Spain, but also in other European countries. Due to Benidorm TV series, the town is especially famous in the Commonwealth countries. Benidorm is the third most visited town in Spain after Barcelona and Madrid.

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According to the 2019 census, Benidorm has a permanent population of 68 721 inhabitants which increases by more than 5 times during peak season!



As compared to other European beach resorts, Benidorm (Spain) has a privileged geographical situation which lets the town boast its unique microclimate. In winter the air temperature in Benidorm is higher than in other parts of the coast that’s why even in January you can see here people swimming in the sea or doing watersports.

Annual average temperatures (º C):

The mountain ranges Siera Helada, Sierra Cortina, Puig Campana and Tossal de la Cala protect Benidorm from cool winds in winter while the sea breeze freshens up the town during hot summer months. Such favourable nature conditions make Benidorm an authentic climatic resort.

The town Benidorm is very popular with British, French and Scandinavian tourists. Benidorm even has its own “British” district with a wealth of pubs, beer and broadcasted cricket and box competitions.  

Spanish tourists consider Benidorm one of the most prestigious national holiday destinations.

The beaches of Benidorm – Levante, Poniente, Mal Pas and Cala del Tio Chimo – are yearly awarded with the prestigious EU Blue Flag classification denoting its excellent facilities and cleanliness.


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The fishing village Benidorm was born on the 8th of May 1325, when the Lord Bernat de Sarriá conferred it a Town Charter, thus establishing the first reference to the name. In 1410 and 1448 Benidorm had two violent pirate attacks during which most of its population were killed or reduced to slavery. In XVI the village became part of Polop municipality which led to the rehabilitation of the Castle. However, the population was almost absent.

In 1666 there was initiated the construction of defensive structures and fresh water conducts. In 1701 the town was given independence, and the number of residents started to increase. 


The transformation of Benidorm from a tiny fishing village to Spain’s major holiday destination began in the 19th century when the royal family made proper railway connection between Alicante and Madrid. Since the 1950s the town started to grow up.

Nowadays Benidorm has the highest number of skyscrapers per capita in the world and is the second after New York in terms of skyscrapers per square metre. The hotel Gran Bali (Hotel Bali III) is the highest hotel in Europe which annually hosts the final of the World Base Jumping Championship. In Benidorm also there’s situated the highest residential development in Spain, the 52-storey building Intempo reaching 180 metres.



Main sights 

The Church of San Jaime and Santa Ana (Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana) was built between 1740 and 1780 and is located in the upper part of the old town. 

Benidorm Island (Isla de Benidorm) is a triangular rock jutting out of the sea which is considered the main city symbol. There exist a lot of legends concerning the origin of this islet; one of them says that Benidorm Island is the missing part of Puig Campana Mountain thrown out to the sea by a giant. Tourists can take boat trips from the mainland to the island to visit its wildlife, notably its peacock population.


Benidorm Cross on top of Sierra Helada (La Creu), originally made of wood, was erected there in 1962 by local Catholic monks who proved that the town had not lost its soul despite thousands of tourists wearing bikini. In 1975 the cross was replaced by a metallic one. Now the cross’s one of the most visited places in Benidorm. The panoramic view from the top of Sierra Helada is one of Benidorm most famous images.

Benidorm is also called the entertainment capital of Spain. Here you can visit the theme park Terra Mitica, the waterparks Aqualandia and Aqua Natura, the zoos Mundomar and terra Natura, the Circus, a historic show Desafio Medieval, Benidorm Palace and a wealth of disco pubs and restaurants. 

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