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Football in Spain is a national sport and an entire culture. When the important football matches start, the whole country rushes to the TV screens at their homes, in the bars, restaurants, squares, etc. The streets, roads and the beaches become deserted… People who have nothing to do with football, whether they want it or not, follow the game by the thunderous cries of the crowd, and when the team finally scores the goal, the entire country stands up from their seats and erupts with a unanimous “Gooooal!” The flares lit up, the horns blare and it seems that the whole world is going to get crazy with joy. No wonder that this attitude to sport makes almost all Spanish children want to become a professional football player, and hundreds of junior football academies all days long bring up new generations of young Spanish football stars. 

Enjoying your stay in Spain, sooner or later you ought to attend a football match of some Spanish team. The fixtures for the upcoming season are revealed in the pre-season, in late July.  Around the same time, the tickets for the majority of important matches go on sale: “El Clásico”, Real Madrid – Atletico de Madrid, FC Barcelona – Espanyol, etc. The tickets are sold out very quickly, some of them within hours. If you are late for buying a ticket on the official web of the club, you still can buy it on a web specialized on selling second-hand tickets. Another option may be buying a ticket from a second-hand dealer directly at the stadium before the match. However, in this case you won’t get any guarantee that the tickets are not a fake. 

Notice: A certain number of tickets may still come back on sale on the official webs of the club. This may happen if members of the official supporters’ clubs resign their booked places. That’s why even if at first you couldn’t buy a ticket on the official web, don’t give up hope and come back in a couple of days. 


Tickets for less important matches go on sale as the day of the game approaches, approximately a month before. You can buy them not only on the official webs of the clubs, but also at stadium box offices and at other ticket sales points that exist almost in every town. 

Genuine fans may try to join a supporters’ club of their favourite football team, known in Spain as “peña”. These supporters’ clubs always get a certain number of tickets at a reduced price. As for the official membership (entailing the right to vote among others) in such important teams as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, it’s much more complicated and available only for family members of current “madridistas” and “barcelonistas”.  


Please find listed below the official webs where to buy tickets for football matches in Spain: 

Real Madrid: www.realmadrid.com

Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.es

Atlético de Madrid: www.clubatleticodemadrid.com

Valencia: www.valenciacf.com

Athletic Bilbao (2 or 3 days before the game): www.ticket.kutxabank.es

Espanyol: www.rcdespanyol.com

Sevilla: www.secure.sevillafc.es

Málaga: www.malagacf.com